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Article Summary

• ASCII Character Set:
The ASCII character set is a subset of many other more recent and universal character sets. The first 32 values are non-printing control characters. The remaining 96 characters are print characters.
• Bits and Bytes:
Explanation of bits and bytes and there relation to one another. Also some examples of values based on bits setting that are expressed in binary, decimal and hexadecimal.
• Color - The Color Book:
All about presenting color on the Web.
• Color - Named Colors:
There are approximately 140 colors that have a color name. This link provides a chart complete with: the color name, RGB hex, RGB decimal, CSS intensity percentage and the actual rendered color for the named color.
• Color - Safe Colors:
There are 216 colors that are safe colors. This link provides a chart complete with: the RGB hex, RGB decimal, CSS intensity percentage and the actual rendered color for the safe color.
• The Document Tree:
The DOM provides a tree structure whereby parts of the tree (objects such as, elements, attributes and content) can be targeted for manupulation, thusly, we get DHTML capabilities. CSS also uses the tree concept for facilitating it's selectors that match based on relationships between the elements and also to control CSS inheritance.
• Exception Handling in Client-Side Web Development:
Learn how to handling run-time errors in client-side development.
• Escape Sequences for JavaScript:
Learn about the two general types of escape sequences. This resource has a chart of the complete set of escape sequences and alternate codes for Latin-1 and Unicode formats.
• Font Size Basics:
Compare and contrast how HTML and CSS render the size of font. Shows how the deprecated HTML font elements and attributes can be replaced with the preferred CSS font properties.
• Image Maps:
This resource describes how to build image maps (both client-side and server-side image maps).
• ISO-8859:
This resource is a synopsis of the ISO-8859 character set standard.
• Standards used for Web Development:
An overview of current, past and future standards that support Web technologies.
• Typography On The Web:
Gives an overview of the different typefaces used on the Web and alternatives for using them.
• Unicode:
Unicode provides a consistent way of encoding multilingual text. Learn about the players and how it works.
• URI Formats:
URI addresses can be expressed as absolute or relative URI addresses.
• Web Accessibility Awareness:
Some of the considerations you may want to address to make your site more accessible.


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