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ECMA-262/Core JavaScript

ECMA-262/Core JavaScript

Introduction to Core JavaScript/ECMA-262

The Developer's Web Environment


Welcome to the Web Site built specifically for JavaScript practitioners.

The BIG Picture

The environment for the typical Web content developer will encompass the five technologies diagramed here. This site will describe the core JavaScript language. But be advised that the typical Web content developer will also need to be familiar with other technologies:

If you add XML to the above mix, you have the technologies often referred to as AJAX.

Site Purpose

This site addresses the Standard ECMA-262 (ECMAScript Language Specification). The core of JavaScript is based on the ECMAScript Language Specification. Our purpose is to explain core JavaScript. Note that JavaScript encompasses not only core JavaScript but also the DOM and BOM.

Site Features

What can be said about our site's features?

Basic Terminology

Getting Started

We have assembled a group of topics that are directly or indirectly related to JavaScript. These topics are general in nature and meant to be an overview.


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