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ECMA-262/Core JavaScript

ECMA-262/Core JavaScript

ECMA-262 Core: Overview of JavaScript Statements

Definition of Statements

Statements cause something in the program environment to change. The change can be to program flow, variables, objects or the user environment. A program is made up of a series of statements. A statement will have internal components (eg, expressions, blocks, keywords, identifiers).

The Statement's Purpose

The program statement can serve many purposes. In general, a statement will cause something inside the script to happen:

Statement Groups

For our purposes, we have assigned all JavaScript statements into one of three groups.

• Core Statements:
The core statements parallel section 12 in the ECMAScript Language Specification. There are 17 statements that make up the core group.
• Expression Statements:
The expression statement is a stand alone executable that always involves an operator. Unlike other operators that return values, the expression statement will cause a side effect.
• Miscellaneous Statements:
The miscellaneous statements are special purpose statements that do not fit into the other two groups.

Core Statement Syntax

The Core Statement Syntax link will provide a summary of all 17 core statement's syntax.

ECMAScript - Section 12

Section 12 is entitled "Statements". This is the section where statements are specified in the ECMAScript Language Specification. We have built a reference table that summarizes section 12. Go Directly to ECMAScript Section 12 Synopsis.


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