ECMA-262 Core: JavaScript Expression Statements

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Definition of Terms

The Expression Statements

Expression Statements
Statement Name Operator Purpose (the side effect)
assignment statements =, +=, -+, *=, etc. Assignment statements are a stand alone executable and produce side effects within the program structure. The side effect produced: the left-hand-side operand (variable) is altered.
Postfix increment and decrement statements
Prefix increment and decrement statements
+, -. The side effect produced: they alter the unary operand.
delete statement delete The side effect produced: deletes a property of an object. The operator also returns a boolean: true if successful, otherwise false. Also, the property's altered status after the delete is: "declared" but "uninitialized" which equates to an "undefined" type.
void statement void The side effect produced: the operator voids the normal side effect of the expression and alters the value of the left hand side operand to "undefined".
The Bitwise Shift Operator Group left shift
signed right shift
unsigned right shift
The side effect produced: the operand on the left side has its bit structure altered.
Function Call ( ) The side effect produced: a call to a function will alter program logic flow. You jump out of sequential processing and come back after the function has completed it's task. Also, the task of the function will alter (have a side effect) some aspect of the program (otherwise, why call it in the first place?).


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