ECMA-262 Core: JavaScript Core Statements

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JavaScript Core Statements (Synopsis of Section 12)

The next table will parallel section 12 in the ECMAScript Language Specification. Section 12 of the specification is entitled "Statements". We have given the term "Core Statements" to the group of statements that are specified in section 12.

The purpose of the following table is to:

Comments on the ECMAScript Language Specification Section 12:

JavaScript Core Statements as Portrayed in Section 12 of the ECMAScript Language Specification

JavaScript Core Statements as Portrayed in Section 12 of the ECMAScript Language Specification
ECMAScript Keywords or Symbols Purpose
Section Section Title
Footnotes: Sections with green background do not pertain to a specific statement.
12 Statements
12.1 Block { } To group statements
12.2 Variable Statement var Declare and initialize variables
12.3 Empty Statement ; Has no effect and performs no action
12.4 Expression Statements N/A Complex expressions that create side effects
12.5 The if Statement if
Conditional flow control
12.6 Iteration Statements
12.6.1 The do-while Statement do/while An alternative for the while loop
12.6.2 The while Statement while The basic loop
12.6.3 The for Statement for Loop with three steps, initialize, test and increment
12.6.4 The for-in Statement for/in Loop through the properties of an object
12.7 The continue Statement continue Resume the innermost loop
12.8 The break Statement break Exit from the innermost loop
12.9 The return Statement return Return from a function with an optional value
12.10 The with Statement with Extend the scope chain
12.11 The switch Statement switch/case/default case
12.12 Labeled Statements label Apply a label (name) to a statement
12.13 The throw Statement throw Throw an exception
12.14 The try Statement try/catch/finally Catch an exception


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