The Access Group of Operators
Dot Operator
Bracket Operator
Parentheses Operator
new Operator

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The Purpose for this Page

This page will show the basic rules for the JavaScript access operator group. The similarities and differences within the group are explained. Links to related topics are given. And finally, some scripting examples are provided with comments.

The Basics of Access Operator Group

Special Situations

Some Script Examples

Operator Expression Comment
Dot Operator
access and modify property
Clock.pst = true; setting a property of class Clock to true
Parentheses Operator
access a function
var returnvalue = myfunc(parm1, parm2) call function myfunc with two parms
saving the return value
new Operator
access a class
var aray = new Array() create a new object with the Array() constructor
Bracket Operator
initialize array
aray[0] = 2000
aray[1] = 2008
populate aray with two element values
Bracket Operator
access an array
var myelement = aray[1] get the second element from aray


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