Object Oriented Design (Java) and JavaScript

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The objects that are accessible to JavaScript are many. These objects are categorized (with related links) as follows:

The above links will lead you to the specifics of individual objects that are accessible to JavaScript.

This page is more general in scope. Here we explain the OOD and OOP principles and there applicability to JavaScript. First, we define a OOD term from a Java Perspective. Then, we compare the same term from a JavaScript perspective.

Suggested Usage: first, review the term as it relates to Java, then review the term as it relates to JavaScript. Often the term is more fully described under the Java presentation. Especially, when the term has the same meaning and implementation with both technologies.



Java specific related text is rendered with brown text. Quotes and near quotes from the ECMA-262 standard is rendered with blue text.

The following list of OOD/OOP topics are presented in two orders. There is an alphabetical list. And there is a list that roughly represents the magnitude of the concept from major to minor as it applys to JavaScript (the actual content is ordered this way).

Alphabetical Significant's (to JavaScript)



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