ECMA-262 Core: JavaScript Built-In Objects

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Introduction and Review

Some commentary on JavaScript objects refer to the term built-in object to include all core objects. We use the term native objects to refer to the total set of core objects. The "built-in" object set is a subset of the "native object" set. With the exception of the two built-in objects, the remaining native objects are referred to as native classes at this web site.

Built-in Objects: any object supplied by an ECMAScript implementation independent of the host environment, which is present at the start of the execution of an ECMAScript program. Only two core objects fall into the "built-in" group: Global and Math.

Built-in objects are very special. These objects do not behave like a class (as do the remaining native objects). They have no related constructors. They are not used to instantiate objects. They play no role regarding inheritance. Their associated properties and methods are public to all users.

The uniqueness and similarities of the two object groups (native and built-in) are isolated at this link.

Built-In Objects

ECMA-262 Built-in Objects
Object Name Object
Constructor(s) Inherits
Short Description Version Supported
JScript ECMA-262
Global built-in N/A N/A Global built-in object; not a class. v1.0 v1.0 v1
Math built-in N/A N/A Math built-in object; not a class. Supports mathematical functions and mathematical constants. v1.0 v1.0 v1


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