ECMA-262 Core: JavaScript String Data Type

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Introduction And Review

The ECMA-262 standard defines the term String Type as: A type String is a set of all string values.

The String data type is one of five ECMAScript primitive types. The other four are: Number, Boolean, Null and Undefined. All primitive types have a definite (fixed) size except for the String type.

The String type is distinguished from other types using a dynamic or weak typing method. The method involves interrogating the value token. When the token is enclose in either single or double quotes, the associated variable is typed as a String.

String Types

In JavaScript, a string is a series of characters encoded in single or double quotes. When describing the topic of String types, one must also be aware of related topics: string literals, the String object, string variables, escape sequences and regular expressions. These and other subjects associated with the String type are referenced in the following list.


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